The Impact of a Gift That Gives Back


What do you do with an idea? by Kobi Yamada is a book I received as a gift from a friend a few months after I started the charitable organization Party In-kindness. I periodically read this book that sits on my nightstand. It still makes me feel happy every time and so thankful that my friend thought of me when she read the book.  It bring me happiness because the book really gives us all the power to turn our ideas and dreams  into a reality. It empowers and teaches us that even the simplest of ideas can change the world. My friend knew that my nonprofit and this blog were my simple ways that I wanted to impact others in my community and potentially change the world around me, and gave me this thoughtful gift to help inspire my cause.

When Shani and I came up with the idea for Party In-kindness, that’s all it was, an idea. It was our dream to help our community incorporate giving in their everyday lives. Since the beginning, this dream did not mean just giving a lot of money to make an impact, but incorporating giving into people’s daily routines.

My friend’s gift of Yamada’s book meant so much to me because it truly had meaning and thought behind it. The power of that $14.99 is my true message.  The gift didn’t cost much, and  it didn’t take her a long time to buy, but her small, thoughtful actions continue to make an impression on my life. And isn’t this the point? If we work together we can create memorable, impactful, inspiring moments for those in our local shelters, those who need food assistance, families going through tough times, and unfortunately the list goes on.

Each individual has the power to create one moment that touches another person and then together we can help so many. And you can incorporate it into the activities you already do on a daily basis. Do you own a business? Live in a neighborhood? Have a weekly moms group? Have a yearly holiday party? Or do your children participate in an afterschool activity? Chances are, you answered yes to at least one of these questions. And if you ask just 10 people to take the $15-35 they would spend on a hostess gift, birthday gift or food item and ask them to instead buy a warm pair of PJs,  a backpack, or a book for a child, you (and your guests) just made a significant impact.


I would challenge you in 2016 to get a group of family or friends together in whatever way makes you happy and ask them to bring a small item for a cause that you feel connected to. See what happens. If you need help finding a charity that matches your love, Party In-kindness can help connect you, get you started and encourage you through the process.  Whose life will you impact this year and how?

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