Live Loud

To me, giving is cool, creative, and has a personal edge. Like most women, I have several jobs.  I am the co-founder of the nonprofit organization Party In-Kindness, a stay-at-home mom, a wife, and a gal who loves spending time with friends.

My giving journey began when my daughter was born. At six days old we received the news no parent wants to hear…she would have to have emergency surgery. It was the kindness of friends, family and one very special stranger that got me through such a difficult time. That stranger knit a beautiful lavender hat for Sophia. The comfort and hope it provided me will forever be etched in my heart. This simple act had a huge impact on my life.

I made a promise to myself and my daughter that day. A promise to pass forward the kindness shown to us in our darkest days. That promise was turned into Party In-Kindness, a non-profit organization created by myself and a friend that turns any occasion into a reason to give back. Party In-Kindness facilitates giving in fun and effective ways.

I wanted to share this journey with others in the hope to inspire giving in ways that are fun, easy and impactful.

Love, Melissa